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Our personalized debt relief programs have helped tens of thousands of people across the U.S. overcome their debt. You don’t have to take our word for it - check out these testimonials from our past and current clients.

What our Clients are Saying

Our commitment to our clients has helped us earn thousands of five-star reviews. Many have agreed that their experiences with Accredited Debt Relief’s expert team have led to major savings and quick results.

Significant Debt Reduction

“My Certified Debt Specialist was phenomenal. I had 1,000 questions, and she was able to answer all 1,000 of them without hesitation. I currently have about $50 thousand in debt, and my representative was able to alleviate a large sum of it after a short phone call. I'm looking forward to working with Accredited Debt Relief!”
Verified Trustpilot Review
“Quick and painless — Accredited Debt Relief was able to help me avoid bankruptcy, which was my last resort. Instead of paying monthly minimums on my credit cards for the next 20 years, I have the peace of mind knowing all my debt will be paid in full in 48 months.”
Verified Trustpilot Review
“Calling Accredited Debt Relief was one of the best phone calls I ever made! I was struggling to make house payments, three credit card payments and monthly utility bills. I haven't worked in six months, and I was really struggling. My representative had everything worked out for me and explained it all in just a few minutes. What I'm paying now is a fraction of what I was paying towards my monthly credit card payments. Plus, the savings on the interest I would have been paying was phenomenal!”

Fast Service

“I'm very pleased with the service I've received from Accredited Debt Relief so far. My Certified Debt Specialist was very helpful, and she listened attentively to my financial situation. All of the questions and concerns I had were answered promptly and in easy-to-understand language.”
Verified Trustpilot Review
“The process was quick, and my representative was awesome to work with. He made sure that my husband and I understood the process.”
Verified Trustpilot Review
“My representatives were extremely kind and helpful. My needs were met in one phone call. I would highly recommend Accredited Debt Relief's services to anyone in need of help with debt.”
Rhonda W.

Client Service

“My experience was really good. My Certified Debt Specialist helped me through the entire process. They took the time to go step-by-step and explain in detail how the plan works, the benefits and possible future scenarios. Excellent customer service.”
Kery M.
“I feel like a weight has been lifted! I'm feeling safe and reassured, understanding how my Accredited Debt Relief program works. Not enough positive things can be said — I'm very happy.”
Verified Trustpilot Review
“Accredited Debt Relief's great staff used their knowledge and patience to set me at ease. I am very deaf and use a special phone to communicate, and the Certified Debt Specialists were kind and slowed their speech. I am confident I will achieve my goals.”
Hugh H.

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