NC House Bill 76 Q&A

Debt Relief at Risk: A Q&A About NC House Bill 76

The recent COVID-19 pandemic and economic upheaval has left many Americans in dire financial straits and looking for relief. Unfortunately, a recent bill that threatens to remove a vital debt relief option from North Carolina residents is making its way through the North Carolina state legislature. If passed, House Bill 76 could limit the choices available to constituents who are desperate for financial assistance.

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Americans Spend On Lunch Blog

How Much Do Americans Spend on Lunch?

How many times did you eat out or order takeout for lunch last week? Two, three, or more? Chances are good you can recall how much you spent on lunch in the past week, but how about the past year? We looked at how much Americans spend on lunch and compared the cost and health benefits of different options. 

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Rebounding From Bankruptcy Blog

6 Practical Ways to Rebound from Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy promises freedom from your debt, but it comes at a high cost. The economic impact and stigma of a debt discharge can be long-lasting and take years to overcome. It’s possible to rebound from bankruptcy, but it requires patience and a solid strategy to rebuild your financial health. 

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Reddit Impulse Buy Blog

Some of the Best and Worst Impulse Buys According To Reddit

We’ve all been there, in a store after a terrible day and something fun catches our eye. You know at that moment that you just have to have it. Or perhaps you are the “drink a bottle of wine and surf Amazon at midnight” type. Whatever the case may be, impulse buying happens to everybody at one point or another. Sometimes impulse buys turn out to be excellent decisions, and other times they leave us shaking our heads and clutching our wallets in embarrassment.

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Financial Emergency Blog

7 Essential Steps to Take In a Financial Emergency

When a financial emergency happens, emotions can take over and stress levels can skyrocket. Coping with an unexpected financial burden is not easy, but you can do things to take control of the situation. Our list of essential steps to take in a financial crisis can help you navigate your short-term needs and plan for long-term recovery.

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Anti-Budget Blog

What Is an Anti-Budget and How Does It Work?

Budgets are a fantastic tool. They can shed light on your financial health and habits and are often considered a non-negotiable first step in financial planning and wellness. Yet, for some, traditionally, budgeting is a frustrating chore that requires a lot of effort without leading to lasting change. If you’ve given budgeting an honest try and still feel it doesn’t work well for you, then an anti-budget could be the solution worth exploring.

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Money Trends by Decade

Money Trends by Decade: 1950s to 2020s

Every decade is known for its unique stamp on popular culture. What would the 1970s be without bell-bottoms? Can you picture the 1990s without boy bands? While these trends may go in and out of fashion, we tend to think of the financial industry as a timeless mainstay of American life. However, while certain economic principles are timeless, there have been plenty of defining money trends throughout the decades.

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Money Advice for Your 20s

The first full decade of adulthood is an exciting time. With their teen years in the rearview mirror, 20-somethings get to experience a new sense of freedom and independence as they tackle the real world on their own. This time also comes with many overwhelming firsts, like entry-level jobs, big-ticket purchases, new living expenses, investments and debts. 

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The Cheapest Michelin Meals in the World

In 2017, a humble brasserie in Bourges, France, received its first Michelin star. The restaurant’s clientele of construction workers and locals struggled to get their regular seats as the Bouche à Oreille was overrun with demand for its (deeply satisfying) $15 homemade beef bourguignon.

Sadly, it turned out to be a mistake. The real winner of the star was the Boutervilliers Bouche à Oreille near Paris, and Michelin eventually corrected the mistake on their website. Asked whether she was disappointed to lose her Michelin star, chef Penelope Salmon replied, “no, not at all. I cook with my heart.”

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